DEMOcrisis: Fostering Active Citizenship in Times of Crisis

We are glad to inform that our project co-founded by the Erasmus Plus will be held in Serock at the beginning of November 🙂 This TC is coordinated by Paweł Tempczyk from Poczucia and organised by the international team – Paweł from Poland, Rosanna Bellomo from Italy (Union Pro Europe) and Noa Philippon from Spain (Xuventude Verde Polo Cambio) – a group of friends that met each other in 2015 during the project „The Threshold” in Ireland and since then are working actively in the E+ field.

The background

In recent years we are observing the crisis of democratic values and switch to authoritarian systems across European countries. The raise of extremism and populism brings sense of insecurity and undermines the confidence we have in our leaders. Actions like Brexit show that politicans have no clear idea about the direction they would like to choose for the European Union. Anti-democratic leaders offer cheap and easy solutions that in the longer perspective turn out to be ineffective. So that’s why we decided to lead this training course in 2019 – the year of European and many national (e.g. Polish) elections and planned Brexit.

The aim

Although in the short run democratic methods may seem unprofitable in the long run they are more productive. We would like to strenghten the faith in democracy and present practical tools how to deal with hate and anti-democratic movements. We will use different methodologies like the group process, the De Bono six thinking hats, Way of Council, and  – to relax and look on the things from a different perspective – two laughter yoga sessions led by an experienced laughter yoga leader 🙂 We will also visit Amnesty International  – the worldwide NGO working in the field of civil rights where we will have a presentation and discussion about the action Free Courts and attempts to influence to juridical system in Poland by politicans.

The venue

The project is organised in Serock, 40 kilometers from the centre of Warsaw. On November the 2nd we will gather in Warsaw to get to know each other better and have a dinner together and afterwards we will move to Serock. The accomodation, alimentation and working space will be in one hub – Integracyjne Centrum Opieki, Wychowania, Terapii. We plan to visit Warsaw to spend there our free afternoon. And more to say – we even plan to have a ferry trip on Zegrze Resevoir since we are so close to it 🙂 This is how Zegrze looks like during summer:


Hope to see you there! 🙂

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